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Fred Eaglesmith - singer songwriter

"What a find! Man, this guy might save the country and country music, too!"
- Victoria Times-Colonist -

"Fred Eaglesmith stopped trying to impress the world a long time ago"
- Calgary Sun -

City, Province
Port Dover
, ON


Alt Country
Band Members
Fred Eaglesmith (vocals, guitars)

Discography                            Purchase Cds Here

Milly's Cafe,
New Release (March '06)

The Official Fred Eaglesmith Bootleg,
Volume 2 ('05)

Dusty ('04)

The Official Fred Eaglesmith Bootleg, Volume 1 ('03)

Balin ('03)

Falling Stars and Broken Hearts ('02)

Ralph's Last Show - live in Santa Cruz ('01)
50-Odd Dollars ('99)
Lipstick Lies and Gasoline ('97)
Drive-In Movie ('95)
From the Paradise Motel ('94)
Things Is Changin' ('93)
There Ain't No Easy Road ('91)
Indiana Road ('87)
The Boy That Just Went Wrong ('83)
Fred J. Eaglesmith ('80)

  • Ship (from the CD "Dusty")
    MP3 - 3.2 MB
  • Crowds (from the CD "Dusty")
    MP3 - 3.7 MB
  • Whichita (from the CD "Dusty")
    MP3 - 4.9 MB
  • Codeine (from the CD "Dusty")
    MP3 - 3.5 MB
  • Tommy and Joe (solo)
    MP3 - 2.9 MB
  • Bailin' Again (Fred Eaglesmith and The Flathead Noodlers - bluegrass show)
    MP3 - 2.2 MB
  • White Rose (Fred Eaglesmith and The Flying Squirrels - acoustic show)
    MP3 - 3.4 MB
  • Sugarcane (Fred Eaglesmith and The Smokin' Losers - rock show)
    MP3 - 2.7 MB

Listen to a Fred Eaglesmith Jokebox - fan site

Hough's Room (March 3rd '06)

2006.03.03 - Hough's Room 
  Bleary Eyed Boys

2006.03.08 - CHCH TV 11
  Smith 'n Hays Show

Hough's Room (March 3rd '06)

• Canadian singer/songwriter/comedian/painter with 15 CDs to his credit
has spent the past decade performing (with his band) at 300 North American venues per year
has recently toured Holland, the UK and Australia
has won both a Juno and a Canadian Independent Music award
his songs have been covered by the Cowboy Junkies, Chris Knight, Mary Gauthier, Dar Williams and Kasey Chambers – and have appeared in Martin Scorsese and James Caan films
writes about Everyman – truck drivers, snowplow operators, small town boys – with authenticity and poignancy
attracts a contingent of ultra-devoted fans, who are known as "Fredheads"
owns his own record label and may be one of music's most successful indie acts
is opposed to the industry suing fans over music piracy
together with Alanis Morissette & U2's Bono, is a 2005 spokesperson for Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign
his paintings were shown at the Rockingham Arts & Museum Project, June 10 – July 11, 2005 in Bellows Falls, Vermont
previous shows include the Lighthouse Theatre Art Gallery (Port Dover, Ontario), Dec. 2004
was born into a family of nine children, and grew up on farms in Southern Ontario


Suzy Miller
Sawdust Entertainment
[email protected]

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