What Is YOUR favorite Canadian Music?

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I’m really curious to know what internet surfers find to be their favorite Canadian music? If you’re visiting this blog post from outside of Canada, you probably haven’t heard much Canadian music, so us locals need to be more outspoken about the artists we love to share them with outsiders who may not otherwise ever learn of our artists back home.

So what is your favorite? Please let me know by contacting us and I plan to combine what everyone says into a future post. I think this is a very interesting experiment, because unlike a Facebook comment feed only people who love their Canadian artists enough will take the time to actually email us. This means the artists listed on the future blog post will actually be true “favorites.” Then people from all over the world may hear some cool music they may have never heard otherwise.

So please submit. It may take a year for us at Canada Jams to collect twenty submissions, but it’ll be worth the wait for everyone.

canadian music

It’s going to be even better than waiting for the music this chimp is about to play!

I believe every nation should be proud of the music they make behind their own borders. This means I don’t think Canadian music necessarily deserves to be more appreciated around the world, because the music from everywhere in general should be more appreciated. The music made by nomads in the Amazon jungle for example might need some attention. But this is a Canadian blog, and so I hope you don’t take everything I say as pure nationalism. We’re all different!

With all that said I invite you to take some time to think about what your favorite Canadian music really is. It could be simply flute music played by a homeless man you always see! That is the kind of true Canadian music you can’t find elsewhere. Songs played by street entertainers are a great example. They write their own songs, but only people who are physically walking around in Canadian streets ever get to hear them, and they can’t go and download the song when they get home because it was made by a homeless guy who doesn’t even have an email address.

So please think this through, because there’s a good chance the answer you just came up with immediately is different that the answer you’ll have in the shower tomorrow morning. If it isn’t at least you can laugh at how wrong I was. So take your time. There’s no rush. Like I said, once there’s enough submissions I’ll make the follow up post, but that could very well be a year to two years from now. So I hope your opinion doesn’t change too much!

Just tell us your favorite Canadian music! We can’t wait!