Repairing My Grandma’s Washer in Calgary Alberta (plus 2020 update)

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I was visiting Calgary Alberta where one of my grandmas still lives and came back with a humorous story to share. My grandma is in her late 80’s and grew up washing all her clothes by hand. It has only been in the past decade that she finally converted to a Maytag clothes washing machine. When her washer broke down, she didn’t know who to call except her one grandson who “has a cellphone and is all modern-like.” Those were her words when she asked me to make the trip out to Calgary to help her get her washer fixed because she’s now too old to wash clothes by hand. But she’s a strong woman with lots of Canadian pride, and I love her to bits. If you could meet her you might cry of because she’s so cute!

Having that discussion on the phone is where this story started. And it ended with clean clothes in her closet and a huge bear hug. But what did it take to get there? A lot of sweat and struggle! I didn’t visit Calgary just to repair my grandmas washer. I said “yes” on the phone because I’ve been meaning to visit her anyways, and we had a great time together reminiscing over old days with my mom. We had a picnic and went to the zoo, but anyways, back to our washer repair story….

When I arrived and told her “I have no clue how to fix a washer” she flipped out and smacked me across the face. I asked her why she was so surprised that I just wanted to visit and she said “smell my clothes!” They didn’t smell that bad, but to her they smelt horrible because none of them had been washed in nearly a week. I guess it was a good thing I came because she didn’t even know what an appliance repair company was. I had to explain to her that people make full-time careers out of fixing appliances and she didn’t believe me. To prove I was right, I looked around for a washer repair Calgary service and in no time at all a technician was over and the washer was washing clothes again. My grandma was amazed and I still laugh remembering the look on her face.

It’s amazing how many people in Canada still wash their clothes by hand. If my grandma had the strength I’m sure she’d be out in the backyard right now hanging clothes on the line. Now it’s time for my 2020 update to explain where I’ve been these past few months.

My 2020 Blog Update

Due to what’s been going on around the world in 2020, I’ve been staying at home a lot. It’s sad because I love to take vacations and usually I’d be traveling right now during the sunny season. But thanks to Canada’s travel regulations these days, my visit to Calgary to see my grandma might be the best trip of the year. And who says it shouldn’t be? The other reason I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to is because I’ve been reading more and lost confidence in my skill to write and captivate readers. I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs and magazines, just getting ready for the borders to open up again and it’s so sad because I had so many plans this year. Well, that’s life and I won’t spend another second complaining. I’m sure many of you blessed readers had a tough year too and it’s nice to be back to a somewhat regular routine. Stay tuned for more writing by yours truly because I finally got my groove back!

So welcome back to Canada Jams! Let’s get this party rocking.