My Visit to Hamilton, and How Towing Changed My Life as a Kid Growing Up

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Hamilton, ON, CA

A week ago I got back from a two week trip to Hamilton, ON, CA where I used to drive tow trucks as a young man and it took me a few days to think of a good theme for this blog post. As you know, we focus on Canadian music here but I want to touch on the secondary aspect of this blog more so than music today. I did more than just work at a radio station. I retired recently and had many, many jobs on my bizarre career path.

My passion for music is what got me out of the towing business. That’s a fact I can talk about more in a later post. Today I want to talk about my recent trip to Hamilton how the towing business changed my life as a kid and how these two things play a role together.

If you’ve never been to Hamilton, you’re not missing out in much. It’s a rather weird place to go on vacation. It’s very industrial and many parts aren’t that clean. I’d recommend going to Paris in France or Sydney in Australia. I only went to Hamilton because I spent some youthful years there as a young man and had a ex girl friend there who I’ve been in contact with recently and wanted to see her again. It’s safe to say we had a really good time, and she’s going to come visit me next time. Now this is where the two paths meet, women and towing, because I met my first wife through towing. It was when I was operating in Kamloops for several months in my early twenties when I met Michelle. I had helped her twice in the same week. Once with a flat tire repair and the second time with a long distance towing service. We became great friends and lovers almost instantly, similarly to the story I shared some time ago.

Anyway, when I was in Hamilton I saw an old friend of mine who was still running the old business I used to work for. In his home garage I saw the very selfsame tow truck I used to drive as a young man and seeing it brought back so many memories. It’s hard to explain how strange I felt. Apparently the tow truck is a collector vehicle now so it’s worth three times more than it was when I used to drive it. I’m kind of glad people today don’t rely on those old trucks. Technology has surely improved.

tow truck

I told you how towing changed my life because that’s how I met my first wife. Well, it’s also how I met my second wife weirdly enough. I don’t think it’s safe for me to tell you that story. But another way towing changed my life is that when I was visiting Europe as a child a tow truck driver saved my life from a flood! I was too young to remember now but my mother told me the story many times quite clearly. Apparently the kind man jumped into rapids and snatched my arm just before I got sucked away into tossing rubble. It’s hard for me to believe it, but I have a few scars my mother said were from the accident.

I want to talk more about my love for Hamilton soon, but it’s really nowhere too special. It’s a good place to work and find interesting hobbies. A lot of cool things come out of there. Until next time, stay safe.