May 2019 Update: Canadian Music Blog

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Hello folks. Just want to give you a quick update because I’ve been working on a large special post for you guys that might be out today. I’ve been working on this post for nearly a week now and it really is special, all about how a man makes music with kitchen appliances in Canada. It’s really amazing. He’s super shy and only hosts music for his friends and even I couldn’t talk him into recording one of his songs. But his story is amazing and he agreed to let me talk about his story. So stay tuned for that. I hope to be the first to blog about it but I know he’s getting popular fast.

canada music

Other news: I’ve been doing a lot of travelling and that is why my posts haven’t been as regular as I’d like. As a Canadian music blog it takes a lot of work to compete with other bloggers and so I decided just to do my own thing and if people like then people like it. I know you dedicated readers are out there and I’m so grateful to have you. This update is for you and I just want you to know that a big special post may come out tonight. You’ll enjoy it a lot.

Talk to you then.