List of the Best 3 Canadian Jams, Thanks to Our New Sponsors

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Oh yeah! The 3 best Canadian jams are here.

If you ever get the chance to try jams from the three Canadian companies listed below then we highly recommend it. These, in my humble opinion, are the best Canadian jams. And I’m not talking about Canadian music jams this time. I mean real berry spreads for toast and suchlike. That Canadian good stuff that tastes so sweet! Thanks to our new sponsors, we thought long and hard about this one and now after thinking deeply together I think we found the top 3 best jams to buy in Canada!

These are the companies we recommend the most at Canada Jams. Keep in mind however that we have not tried every jam company out there across Canada and so we also recommend trying other companies, perhaps local to you or a loved one. Across Canada in every city and most rural places you’ll find someone making and selling old fashioned jam. And to try different kinds is a fabulous past time that in some ways can’t be beaten. Jam on!