Canadian Pride

we love canadian music with pride

Music is appreciated all around the world, and has been throughout all of human history. Scientists today are still trying to determine exactly why music is so meaningful for us and some have created quite convincing results. And it’s not just humans that enjoy music. Songbirds, crickets and, depending on your tastes, frogs, too, all love the melodies of sound. But where does Canadian pride fit into all of this? Well, take away all the influence from our European founders, such influences as the bagpipe, violin, etc, and you’re left with everything from the Apache fiddle to the musical bow. Then bring back the external influence and we get everything from underground Canadian hip hop to The Bare Naked Ladies. We take pride in all that. The First Nations of North America had unique music you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Combine that with influence from all around the world and you get a convalescence of music we can truly be proud of. And since Canada is a multicultural country, you’ll hear every kind of music as you scour through our streets. From the Cajun banjo in the forests to urban techno in the night clubs, we got it all. Now here is a blog that takes this pride into written form as we broadcast artists and talk about why music means so much to us.