Best Fan Made Remix Album of All Time (RIP Makaveli)

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best tupac remixDespite the rant in our previous post, we want to give a shot out to the best American musician of all time (in our opinion). Mister explosive Tupac Shakur, the master of rap, will live on forever in the grace of fan-made remixes. Phonies like Drake loose face among the real hip-hop heads when they say such nonsense as “Tupac is over-rated.” Son, you’re overrated! Tupac deserved every ounce of his success for a damn fine reason. He’s a born natural talent and to this day no one has surpassed his skill.

If you’re looking for the best remix album of all time, CHECK THIS OUT, boy!

A road to glory INDEED! If you were born in ’98 and listen to wack crap on the radio today then PLEASE take a phat haul of this album and try to understand why the real of the real say hip-hop is dead. THIS IS THE REAL SHYYYYYTTE, son! By far this is Canada Jams top No.1 fan-made remix album of all time. Rip in pepperoni Makaveli! By the motivation inspired by you through us, we will make sure future generation realize how crappy their music is by blaring you with the bass turned up to max.

Live on!