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Canadian Music Speech from a Tow Truck Driver

The following quote is from a fan in Kamloops who has something important to say about supporting Canadian artists: “Dear Canada Jams, thanks for responding and letting me write in to you guys. My name is Chris and I live in Kamloops, British Columbia with my sister and my dog. I was googling around the

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Best Fan Made Remix Album of All Time (RIP Makaveli)

Despite the rant in our previous post, we want to give a shot out to the best American musician of all time (in our opinion). Mister explosive Tupac Shakur, the master of rap, will live on forever in the grace of fan-made remixes. Phonies like Drake loose face among the real hip-hop heads when they

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Popular Canadian Music is NOT Wannabe American Music!

WARNING: This is an angry rant from a true Canadian! Americans often joke about Canadian music by calling is knock-off or a low quality version of pop music in the USA. The truth is we’re very, very proud of our music NOT being American. Like, seriously, have you heard American music on the radio lately?

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