Appliance Repair Calgary

Welcome to Canada Jams. Here is our first sponsor out of many. We’re proud to be Canadian which means we never shy from supporting small local businesses. If you’re looking for appliance repair services in Calgary AB then we know the company to call–Appliance Repair Calgary Pros. They’ve helped many of our friends and we’re sure they’ll do a wonderful job with your appliances.

Their phone number is: (403) 917-1550

appliance repair calgary

Here is a list of the services that Appliance Repair Calgary Pros offers.

  • Oven repair
  • Gas stove repair
  • Dishwasher repair
  • Fridge repair
  • Dryer repair
  • Washer repair

They also service the following communities outside of Calgary, AB:

  • Chochrane AB
  • Airdrie AB
  • Okotoks AB
  • Highriver AB

Once again thanks to our new sponsor. Lot’s of great content to come!